About Us

We are please to introduce our company Plasterceil Industries Pte Ltd, specializing in manufacturing and installation of gypsum fibrous product. As a Singapore based company, established in 1977, we had build solid experience, masterly workmanship along the years.

We had clinched prestigious project such as Esplanade Theatre On The Bay, Victoria Theatre, Lucas Firm Office, MCE - C461, Garden By The Bay, Orchard Central Shopping Center, The Plaza Hotel, 313 Somerset, and many more. We had also venture into oversea project in country like UAE Dubai Mall, palace in Burnei, hotels in Myanmar, Shanghai, Suzhou, residential building in Hong Kong, Thailand, Sri Lanka.


Our Major Production plant situated in Shanghai, China, have been supplying fibrous product to province in China, UAE Dubai, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong, India and Singapore.


Twisted Ribbon Ceiling


Acoustic Baffle Ceiling


GRG Cladding


GRC External Cladding