Access Panel


plastec Fibrous Plasterboard Snap Lock Access Panel for ceiling and drywall application, require for access to building engineering services above the ceiling and behind the partition drywall.

Snap Lock Access Panel form with designed extruded aluminium section and fibrous plaster for the border and door cover. Easily opened with just a slight pressure to release the ball catch, door flap down with a safety down catch to prevent sudden swinging effect. No worries on missing cover or damaged, able to install with tight space above ceiling due to congested services.


Product Properties


- Extruded Aluminium Alloy for door edge and frame.
- Fibrous plaster for border and door
- Ball catch locking device

Thickness/ Size
- 9mm and 12mm, special thickness available.
- 300x300mm, 450x450mm, 600x600mm.


Technical Data


It have the following advantages :

  • - Easy Installation with plasterboard border and door
  • - Rigid Aluminium framing
  • - Simple steps on opening and closing
  • - Able to install vertically for drywall partition
  • - Door detachable
  • - Safety drop catch


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