GRG (Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum)


plastec GRG (Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum) consists of high grade Alpha gypsum, alkaline resistance glass-fibres strand and approved silicon additive for moisture resistance properties. Its does not contain any asbestos or other inorganic fibres. GRG has high impact strength and allow fabrication of strong, durable and resilient gypsum product, its fire resistant comply the building authority fire code. Hence with superb fabrication flexibility and fast installation, it is ideal for variety of architectural applications.


GRG - NUS Edusport Twisted Ribbon ceiling (50mm thk)


Product Properties


Fire Resistance
plastec GRG Product is non-combustible which comply with the building authority fire code. Tested in accordance with BS 476 Part 4 : 1970.


Moisture Resistance
With a moisture resistance properties by adding silicon additive during fabrication process (Hydrophobing treatment - a process to make powder casted material water repellant and free flowing) Passed the requirement under water absorption test BS 1230 Part 1 : 1985


Thermal & Sound Insulation
Tested to ASTM C518 : 1991 with result showing excellent thermal conductivity of 0.0918 w/mºk that enhances the cooling and heating effects.
The product also experience very low movement in relation to temperature change with Coefficient of Thermal expansion of 6.2x10-6 tested under ASTM E831 : 1993 Its ability to mould to any design make is a good material for sound insulation and reflection


Chemical Resistance
plastec GRG product is resistant to dilute chemicals, acids, alkalis, bleaching agents, chlorine solutions and solvents. Hence alkali resisting primers are not requires, Its does not contain any ny asbestos or other inorganic fibres.


plastec GRG allows fabrication flexibility to various design patterns, shapes and sizes to architectural applications. Offer an extensive choice of perforations in square or round to various percentages.


Impact Resistance
plastec GRG fabricated from High grade Alpha gypsum material that has low water demand, with density of 1660kg/m³, resulting in high strength and durability.
Test results show a Compressive Strength of 23.7 N/mm², Flexural Strength of 30.9 Mpa and Impact Strength of 45.4 KJ/m²


Technical Data


plastec GRG (Glass-Fibre Re-inforced Gypsum) consists of high grade Alpha gypsum and alkaline resistance glass-fibre of 5% to 6% by weight, white in colour with smooth surface and lightly textured at reverse, with density of 1,660kg/m³ and non-combustible

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Download GRG Technical Specification
Specification And Properties   Test Standards PSB
Density Normal Dry Density 1660kg/m³  
Size Thickness Min 6mm  
Strength Compressive Strength
Tensile Strength
Flexural Strength
Modules of Elasticity, Tangent
Charpy Impact Strength
Rockwell Hardness
23.7 N/mm²
14.2 KN
28.8 N/mm²
7522.1 Mpa
45.4 KJ/m²
ASTM D 1037 : 1999
ASTM C580 - 98
ASTM C580 - 98
ASTM D6110 : 1997
M' Scale Value
Water Absorption (at 20 ± 2ºC for 2 hr) 0.3% BS 1230 : Part 1 : 1985
(Max 5%)
Thermal Insulation Thermal Conductivity
Coefficient if Thermal Expansion
0.0918 w/mºk
6.2x10 -6 inch/inchºF
ASTM C518 : 1991
ASTM E 831 : 1993
Fire Performance   Non-combustible BS 476 Part 4 : 1970

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